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FilAm Creative is proud to host “The Valor Project: World War II Stories from the Philippines” this week as they raise money for their documentary film on Kickstarter. This week we will be featuring content from the making of the film by the filmmaker, Rodney Cajudo. – FilAm Creative

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The Valor Project: World War II Stories from the Philippines, is on an ongoing mission to help the people who fought and lived during World War II in the Philippines tell their story.

This story telling project will use different mediums of art; a documentary film, photography, fiction, poems, and creative non-fiction. The documentary will feature interviews with veterans of WWII, scholars, and people who lived through WWII. The art book will contain portrait photographs of the vets, as well as fiction stories that have been inspired by tales of the vets, and creative non-fiction pieces talking about different aspects of that…

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“Rayman Origins”

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Title Plate from the Game Title Plate from the Game

“Rayman Origins” is, at first glance, simple. Its cartoonish appearance is non-intimidating; gameplay mechanics are very far from overbearing; the story is a minimalist derivative of the classic light vs. dark motif. That first, ninety-second cutscene is close to the only thing between the moment that the player starts the game, and when the player has full control. It could almost be mistook for a casual platformer, but that would be a pretty big mistake.

This game, which takes advantage of Ubisoft’s artist oriented game framework, UbiArt, goes back to the basics in terms of gameplay concepts, but cleanly adapts modern technological and social concepts. Players jump or punch enemies to make them disappear; falling into an endless pit is a real and worrying possibility; there are coins scattered across the levels for the player to collect. What’s so great about this is that it’s

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5 Things I Learned at Planet Comicon

Lori Robinett: {Creating} My Path

There are nerds everywhere. There are other people just as nerdy as me. Nerdists, unite! It was so much fun to see other people just like me, who work normal jobs, have a family, and who truly enjoy immersing themselves in the imaginary world of sci fi and comics and fantasy. Even in the hotel bar Friday night, where the Big 12 Tournament fans were gathered, we found other sci fi fans who we talked to about the merits of this franchise or that franchise, the deep meanings imbedded in Star Trek, and a bunch of other stuff. Mary and Bob, it was nice to meet you!

Cosplay at Comicon Cosplay at Comicon

I’m not too old to do fun things. People at Comicon don’t care how old you are. There’s no such thing as being too old to do something. If you want to dress up as a character from Star Wars…

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